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Rose Quartz Beauty Crystal Roller

Nui Crystals

Rose Quartz Beauty Crystal Roller

Rs. 3,500.00

Rose Quartz is the ultimate beauty crystal!

Rose Quartz is known for circulation and self love. The face roller massages your skin to get the circulation flowing with lots of love.

Under our face we have nerves connected to various organs which are helped by the pressure applied by the roller. When you get rashes or acne only on certain areas of your face it's the nerves below it that are calling out for help. Rose Quartz helps ease tension stress and anxiety which is essential for smooth clear and glowing skin.

Use & Care 

Use gently on the skin after the application of the cream.

Always clean the crystal with a wet wipe after usage. Some believe keeping it in the fridge will eliminate any bacteria growth. 

Each person should get their own roller. Sharing a roller can create an energy clash 

The energy of rose quartz is what brings about the essential glow as it radiates love!

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