Glow Adaptogenic Beauty Protein
Glow Adaptogenic Beauty Protein

Glow Adaptogenic Beauty Protein

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Get your GLOW on with Cureveda’s Glow powder – healthy inside, beautiful outside! 

Enriched with luxurious Pearl Powder - For the first time in India!

A legendary beauty ingredient, our Pearl comes from sustainable, fresh water farms. Our pearls are levigated with rose water , and then a pinch is added to the herbal blend to meet the daily dose for stimulating collagen production in the body, skin brightening and for clear , glowing skin! 

Look good and feel great with Cureveda’s plant-based Glow blend, carefully crafted to rejuvenate the body and the soul.

No added Sugar, Flavour or Colour.

Protein Blend

  • The body requires a certain amount of protein a day, and the needs of women living a semi-active lifestyle are different from athletes. Cureveda Glow contains 9.6 gm of Veg protein in every serving – enough to be well digested and supplement daily nutrition requirements. 

  • Protein is also required to keep the skin tight & supple and  help promote muscle repair & growth. 

  • Contains a mix of rice protein & wheat protein in 1:1 ratio which makes it a complete protein as it has the entire amino acid profile needed by the body. 

  • Veg protein isolate has the highest bioavailability in the body and is the best form of protein out there! 

 Glow Blend

  • Healthy Inside, Beautiful Outside: Cureveda glow blend Helps to provide the right nutrition to the body to keep skin supple, improve skin texture & complexion, control pigmentation & discolouration and protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Glow powder contains a proprietary blend of herbs which includes Evening primrose oil, Vitamin E equivalent to 100 IU derived from Soy, tetrahydrocurcuminoids- all naturally derived ingredients which have been widely researched for skin radiance.
  • Contains Vitamin C & Antioxidant derived from Orange, Pomegranate & Grape seed. Additionally Vitamin C is extremely useful for the biosynthesis of collagen. 

Adaptogenic Blend

  • Adaptogens are herbs which help to control the ill effects of stress. Stress manifests itself in different ways and its common physical manifestations are dull skin, acne, dryness. 
  • Contains 5 Superherbs to help control adverse effects of stress on skin and appearance.

 Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Vegan Protein: An optimal amino acid profile that helps promote muscle repair & growth.

Pearl Powder: A cell-builder that helps stimulate collagen production for improved skin elasticity.

Tetrahydrocurcuminoids: An anti-glycation agent that helps brighten and even out skin tone & texture.

Tocopherol: A potent antioxidant that helps protect skin from photodamage and free radicals.

Sea Buckthorn: A natural source of Omega 7 that helps boost skin hydration, healing and radiance.

Dosage: Blend 20 g of Glow powder in 200 ml (glass full) of cold milk, water or your favourite smoothie. Consume any time of day or as advised by the physician. If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before use.


Orders take 3-5 working days to process.


Evening Primrose: Rich in Linolenic acid that helps improve skin lustre and control acne.

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