Your go-to gifting for all occasions!
Your go-to gifting for all occasions!
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If you are a lover of the cosmos or know someone who cant get enough of the moon and the stars, then our COSMIC CHILD BOX is just the one you're looking for! With a cosmic child journal to pen down your thoughts and desires, a phases of the moon necklace and a book on moon magic, this box will help you harness the lunar power in your everyday life!


Cosmic Child Journal

Lit from Within Pop Highlighter : Shade: Gold

Phases of the Moon Necklace

The Little Book of Moon Magic : Anyone who has ever looked up into the night sky and wondered at the Moon will love turning through the pages of The Little Book of Moon Magic, a wonderful primer for all things Moon.

Under the Stars Candle : Scent tones - Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla

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