Your go-to gifting for all occasions!
Your go-to gifting for all occasions!
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Say goodbye to the constant negativity and stress surrounding us with our GOOD ENERGIES BOX! With feel good products like an evil eye dreamcatcher, an affirmation journal and love, abundance OR evil eye dhoops / smudges, this box is sure attract positivity and good vibes and drive away the cloud of gloom!


Affirmation Journal

Evil Eye Dreamcatcher

Morning Energise Tea: Immunity Boosting & flu fighting tea with Giloy and Turmeric

Dhoop / Smudge: Evil Eye, Love OR Abundance

Love Dhoop: Helps in acceptance of most important aspect of Love -oneself and othersLove not with just intimacy but acceptance with respect and love followed by
trust makes it more beautiful. This powerful smudge helps in energizing your
entire place with love and calmness and also promotes healthy growth i.e.
emotionally, spiritually and physically. Self-denial and self-sacrifice will be
restricted as it promotes self-love and love for others, which strengthens the
understanding, bond and compatibility. Helps connect with the Universe &
higher self will be experienced as it helps open heart and crown chakra.

Evil Eye/ Nazar Dhoop: 
This powerful smudge cleans the energy from your entire place i.e. either home and/or work. It can also be used to cleanse the auric field of any HumanBody. It helps in removing the negative vibrations and evil energy obstructing your personal and/ or professional growth.

Abundance Dhoop: Helps in getting abundance from Universe with Gratitude
This powerful smudge helps in energizing your entire place i.e. either home and/or work. It focuses on unblocking our road of receiving from the universe, first rule of abundance, in all aspects of life, not just wealth but also in personal and wisdom to motivate in our daily life to increase productivity on personal and professional level. It helps increase the vibration by warding off evil energy, keeping away negative vibrations and evil powers and reducing obstacles, bringing in good luck, increase concentration powers and controls unwanted thoughts, enhances communication skills.

The Tao of Abundance – Clearly, having no quantifiable frame of reference,
abundance is a state of mind, or more precisely, of being.

These smudges have been made under the higher vibrational guidance, blessings
and energies of Lord Shiva, Pranic Healing Rays, Archangels, Angels, The
Moon and The Sun to super enhance the purification and healing process.

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