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Luxury Perfumes - Men & Women

Luxury Perfumes - Men & Women

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November - Femme - Introducing November - An invigorating seductive fragrance for women, revealing the rich coffee aroma bean notes which jolts the senses with a high dose of energy that dries down to a warm and smooth aroma with touches of vanilla and patchouli.

Sky Cry - Femme - Inspired by the Inner minx every woman holds within herself. Under the crystal blue summer sky, the warm sensuous breeze embraces her body, flirting with her senses as she lays in the field surrounded by nature and in its subtle erotic plays. Sky Cry, a refreshing relief emerged out from the equivalent scent balance of Black Currant, Orange, Pear and Iris gives a valorous and soothing appeal to her personality.

Icarus - Homme - Inspired by the man who remained true to himself A true alpha, He commands his surroundings. Son of nature, he exudes power and stands out in a crowd of mediocre. He is the chaos and the order. He is a paradox every woman desires to unveil. Icarus Pour Homme exudes masculine sophistication and intense elegance. A strong fragrance which combines elements of Violet Leaf, Pinkpepper, Vetivere and Basil


Size: 30ml


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