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Basil Essential Oil

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The Basil family is originally from India and has more than 100 members. Of all his siblings, Ocimum basilicum is the most entrepreneurial type. His personality is very direct and blunt, and may even come across as rude or patronizing- but he never means harm! Isn’t speaking directly a great trait to have?

He is very aware of his royal blood (Ocimum means „I feel“ and basilikos means „royal“ in Greek, hence the name „Royal Plant“), so treat him with dignity, and he will be the friend you turn to for clarity.

Despite his super composed monarchic exterior, Basil is very spiritual and passionate. He deeply believes in the connection between mind, body and soul and goes to great length to convey his ideas.

Not sure if it’s his charm, refined posture, big blue-green eyes or all of them put together, but what’s sure is people instantly fall for Basil. He has this gift of instilling optimism and providing a sense of warm confidence and strong balance.

AromaSweet, warm, herbaceous, fiery and anise-like

Size: 10 ml

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