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Emoji Greetings


Emoji Greetings

Rs. 299.00

These Moji greetings are 12" X 12" in size, extremely durable, washable and will reach the recepient in a classic brown packaging. Too bad you won't see that smile on their face as they open their fun surprise gift!

Celebration Emoji: The Celebration Moji is the perfect gift to send on any occasion. Congratulate them on an achievement or wish them a Happy Anniversary, this one Moji fits all events & occasions. Also, this is sure to brighten up any space it's kept in!  

Heart Eyes Emoji: The Heart Eyes Moji is the perfect surprise for anybody you love. Whether you're in a Long Distance Relationship, or just really feeling the love for something or somebody, this will leave most people lovestruck. Early tests also show that it's a very effective way of escaping the mystical "Friendzone"

Poop Face Emoji: The Poop Face Moji is probably the most fun & hilarious Moji in our collection. Surprise somebody randomly with the Poop Face, because why not? This will also be an incredibly fun collectible for their desk at work or wardrobe or washroom? ;)

Birthday Cake Smash Emoji: The Birthday Cake Smash Moji is a dedication to the oldest Birthday Party ritual that exists. As kids, our favorite part of celebrating some bodies birthday was smashing a portion of the cake on their face. And just in case you can't be there to do this in person, sending this Moji might be the best surprise they get all year! 

Please note: Due to the size of the PostMoji cards, they come placed on top of The Style Salad box and not on the inside.

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