Energizer Trivet
Energizer Trivet
Energizer Trivet

Energizer Trivet

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Infuse Loving Divine Energy

Concept: The human body consists of 72% water and it is, in fact, a constituent of every cell of the body. Water is the most powerful substance and can alter the body’s ‘vibrations’ to a great level. Hence, exposing water to positive vibrations and healing energy before consuming can have the same effect on you.

Description: This is an elegant trivet made from naturally seasoned teak wood with a Mai-Yur-Ma symbol in the center. Mai-Yur-Ma is a powerful symbol which signifies ‘Loving Divine Energy’. The symbol is a lovely artwork of steel inlay on wood which magnifies the beauty of this trivet.

How to use: Keep this trivet anywhere, at work, in the kitchen or on the bedside table to consciously energize the water you consume. Place a jug or glass of water over the Mai-Yur-Ma symbol to infuse it with Loving Divine Energy (positive and healing vibrations). You can also place a bowl of fruits/salad, glass of juice or anything edible on this trivet to consciously energize it.

Colour Material: naturally seasoned teak wood, steel

Product Dimension: 149 x 149 x 7 mm


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