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Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes
Fruity Cocktail Mixes

Fruity Cocktail Mixes

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Orange Cinnamon: 

Blended with the citrus sparks of Orange and a playful hint of Cinnamon to make a concoction that warms you inside-out; the perfect mix to get cozy with!

The Bartender Says: Sippaholics can mix this sachet with whiskey, vodka or gin.

Mocktailers : Stir it into soda/water, to feel absolutely refreshed!

Cranberry Ginger: 

What do gin sippers, rum guzzlers and vodka chuggers have in common?

They all agree that a dash of cranberries and ginger can make their drinks divine! The  pleasant sourness of cranberries juxtaposed with a subtle twist of ginger makes for a true game changer sachet!  

Season your spirits with this punch bowl!

The Bartender Says : Spruce up your drunches with this versatile mix by blending it with vodka, white rum or gin!

Mocktailers : Throw in this flavor with some chilled water or soda, and a few cubes of ice and let it work its magic on you.


Sorry, Bond Community, but who cares about shaken or stirred. Sippin’ on this quintessential cocktail is as easy as A,B,C, so mix it up however you want.

The fresh overtones of mint leaves and the zesty twang of lemons all in one packet. An evergreen flavor, our Mojito mix is handy for any occasion that calls for a drink.

The Bartender Says: Mojitos and white rum is a match made in heaven, but you can also use vodka to please the Sippaholic in you.

Mocktailers: Virgin Mojitos are an age old tradition that you can uphold by adding the mix to soda.

Watermelon Lemongrass:

The smell of sea salt hangs in the air, the atmosphere is buzzing with coastal energy and you’re surrounded by your favourite people. What can be better, you ask? A cocktail in your hand!

Sweet, hydrating watermelons and the fresh essence of lemongrass come together to make you repeat your drinks till you forget the count!

The Bartender Says : The best way to enjoy this novel mix is with Bubbly or Vodka.

Mocktailers : Brace yourselves, because you’re going to be blown away by how delicious this drink is in some water—sparkling or still. 

Pina Colada:

White sands, bold shades, crashing waves: spirit yourself away to the tropics with our Piña Colada mix!

Made with the tangy freshness of pineapples mixed with rich overtones of tropical coconut, it's the twist you need to take your summer-themed house party over the edge!

The Bartender says : Add a sachet to your preferred White rum or Vodka blend, Sippaholics!

Assorted Box of 8 Mixes:

We’ve thrown in some fruity flavors, refreshing gulps, classic cocktails, and given them subtle twists of spices and herbs. We’ve basically built you a bar in a box!

Let your guests pick what they love best from an assorted box of exotic flavours

  1. Mojito
  2. Orange Cinnamon
  3. Cranberry Ginger
  4. Mix Fruit Sangria
  5. Spicy Guava
  6. Pina Colada
  7. Lychee Lime
  8. Watermelon Lemongrass

All boxes contain a pack of 8: Makes 8 drinks. 8 sachets * 10g each. 

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