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Healing Candles

Healing Candles

Rs. 500.00

These healing candles are infused with crystal by a Master Healer. Each candles is energised with specific purpose. 

Self love: Self Love is infused with rose quartz crystal and red berries fragrance . Rose quartz is a stone of heart and love . It works on your heart chakra, it emotionally uplifts you dissolving emotional wounds,  promotes love, self love and feeling of peace.

Energy Muse: infused with Carnelian and Lemongrass fragrance - this tends to be stone of the fire element. It boosts energy to the lower chakra which increases your confidence, motivation and creates more opportunities in life.

Unwind: infused with Amethyst + Black Tourmaline crystal with Tuberose fragrance which helps with the crown and third eye chakra which in-turn helps to relax your mind so you understand a situation better and get clarity. It clears the negative vibes  from your space and people.


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