Inhale Joy Cushion Cover

Inhale Joy Cushion Cover

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The concept stems from the fact that our mind is in a never-ending trail of thoughts, most of which are repetitive and recycled. Quite often, they are worrisome and stress inducing. With such incessant flow of thoughts, we completely miss on experiencing the present moment. A conscious
shift in our thoughts and feels can bring us to a state of relaxation, peace and ease.

The cushion cover is made of organic hand-woven fabric, with simple practices on them. Each letter of the words are a design in itself – precisely hand woven by the weavers of Gujarat cluster. It brings alive the ancient Indian art of hand weaving. Besides serving as unique decor, it also carries a pure intention of bringing you to a state of peace and harmony.

The cushion cover carries simple yet powerful messages in the form of affirmations or small practices. These affirmations or practices are meant to be consciously implemented as you see them. They remind you to take a pause from thoughts by focusing completely on the practice. This makes you feel relaxed by bringing you to the present moment. Importantly, the intention not only
benefits the user, but extends to everyone who sees it too!

Inclusions: Thank You token, booklet, product tag

Size: 16” X 16”
Fabric: Organic, hand-woven | Technique: Extra weft | Stitch: Envelope style

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