Ivette Coin Pouch
Ivette Coin Pouch
Ivette Coin Pouch
Ivette Coin Pouch

Ivette Coin Pouch

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A slim, versatile pouch for the organiser in you, it can carry anything you want it to - use it to store coins, business cards, credit cards or even your make-up and accessories.


  1. Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.34 inches / 16 x 8.5cms
  2. Weight: 32g
  3. One compartment
  4. Slot to store your extra SIM

Caring for Cork:

In most ways, cork is pretty low maintenance. Because of it’s waterproof and anti-fungal nature, it remains unaffected by moisture and humidity. If the product gets dusty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Like with any other material, light colours do have a higher tendency to attract dirt. However, a simple wash with a mild cleansing solutions will do the trick and help you maintain your product.


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