Very strawberry Jelly - the style salad
Tarty lemon Jelly - the style salad
Tangelo Orange Jelly - the style salad


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These jelly gummies are high on nutrition and low on the icky stuff so you can enjoy your favourite treats without feeling guilty.

Tarty Lemon: Glittering golden sunshine, a refreshing glass of lemonade, lazy days by the pool. Get a refreshing taste of summer with a burst of tarty lemon with each serving.

Very Strawberry: Sink your teeth into a velvety soft bite for a burst of juicy strawberry and a bold kick of licorice. These gummies are perfect for cool dinner parties, when you’re on the go, or when you’re in need of a sweet fix during the day.

Tangelo Orange: Transport yourself to cool waves crashing against the shore on a warm summer eve, a zing of orange in a cotton candy sky, freshly picked oranges on a crisp spring morning with a sharp, refreshing kick of tart balanced with sweet citrusy goodness of tangelo orange with each serving.

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