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Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender is well known in the community as the “Mother Teresa of Oils”. It is impossible to have lived in the same neighbourhood as Lavender and not have been counselled/ healed/cared for at least once in your life.

Like a true mother, with love and tenacity, she touches the hearts and heals the bodies of those who come in contact with her. She looks after everyone with equal care, be it children, adults, trees, flowers or birds. She possesses an immense feminine gentleness but also a masculine strength and bravery. The balance which she provides to all those asking for it thus comes from within her.

She has honed several talents- she can lull both distressed adults and children to sleep, and also manage to calm everyone down, even the most restless and agitated. She is especially good with burns and bruises-she kisses every pain away in a matter of minutes. That is why she is particularly loved by children. Any time you crave serenity and a loving touch, you can bet she will be there for you, with her team of other herbaceous oils. 

Aroma:  Fresh, floral, sweet, herbaceous, woody and fruity

Size: 10 ml

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