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Lemon Essential Oil

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No matter her biological age, Lemon will always look and behave like a 20 year old. She is active, beaming with energy and displays unshakable confidence. She is never afraid to attempt any task or project and failure doesn’t scare her one bit. Her joy is infectious, and she is rumoured to never forget things you tell her- seems like someone everyone needs in their life, right?

Lemon is always ready to go, and equally sharp minded. You would notice her house is always sparkling clean with seemingly very little effort. She never seems to get any illness and germs seem to pass right through her. You may think she’s just lucky but hold on! If you bring her along with you, you can also be free of germs, just by having her around! 

Everyone always wonders how her immunity can be so strong, and lemon says that the secret is keeping a positive attitude and spreading good vibes.

Aroma: Fresh, bright, lemony and fruity. It is widely used in perfumery as top note.

Size: 10 ml

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