Let's Talk Card Game
Let's Talk Card Game
Let's Talk Card Game
Let's Talk Card Game

Let's Talk Card Game

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Let’s Talk is a simple game of cards to spark meaningful conversations with your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers.

Dinner Tables. Game Nights. Team Gatherings. Date Nights.

The one thing that makes these good occasions great is the quality of your conversations.

However, in today’s world of social media and smartphones, we have forgotten what it means to truly have conversations that add more meaning to our lives.

We often struggle to start such conversations. And even if we do, we spend most of our time on small talk.

The result, the same old questions – What’s up? How’s the weather? How is work?

And the same old conversations that drain you. Instead of fuelling you.

In today’s hyper connected yet lonely world, each one of us secretly wishes to speak about the things that matters most to us, right now.

What if you had a simple tool in your pocket to help you spark such conversations?

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