Moringa Hot Cocoa

Moringa Hot Cocoa

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Experience chocolate perfection with this delightfully dark chocolate and Moringa - drink, containing pure - natural cocoa solids, made from the finest Bulgano cocoa beans and the miracle moringa leaves.

It's a party when Nature’s best superfoods come together. Moringa is a natural source of plant based protein which is rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, Amino Acids, vitamin A & vitamin C. Cocoa contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins, importantly antioxidants called flavonoids. These help in  relaxing the veins which could lead to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. No wonder they say “ relax with a cup of hot chocolate”. 

Fragrant and opulent, this is a full-bodied dark chocolate moringa superdrink that is not too intense, with bittersweet undertones of moringa, a long lasting flavour and rich aroma of cocoa. Our Master chocolatiers have created a Moringa- Cocoa blend that offers smooth, silky  and creamy notes that lingers in your mouth long after.  So, let's make this simple. Sometimes the most nutrient rich, high protein, vitamin and antioxidant rich vegan superfood with moringa and cocoa that has numerous health benefits for the body, mind, skin and hair and also tastes superb, can simply be called ‘Bulgano Hot chocolate’ Period.

Guilt free indulgence, can be given to kids from 4 years of age upwards, pregnant women or just anyone who wants nutrition and great taste at the same time.  Can also be used to bake and make a variety of sweets and savouries from cakes, puddings and mousses. 

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