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Palmarosa Essential Oil

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Palmarosa is popularly called Rose’s younger sister. Even though the two are not blood related, you could easily be convinced that they share the same mother. Just like Rose, Palmarosa is proud and well aware of her charm, sensuality and her flowery aroma. When people walk by her on the street, they are bound to turn their heads in awe. However, Palmarosa also has a cool, young, lemony undertone like her elder brother Lemongrass- these 2 are actually part of the same Poaceae family! Don’t believe us? We have DNA proof!

Palmarosa is one of the most carefree oils and doesn’t stress about anything. Her friends say they feel calm and reassured when they are around her. Somehow Palmarosa manages to calm down the stressed and restless ones, and lowers their heartbeat. A talk over a cup of tea with Palmarosa is, no doubt, the best therapy.

 Like her best friend Geranium, Palmarosa also is into beauty and skin rituals. However, her creativity has found an outlet in the arts as well, and she is deeply interested in dancing and photography. Don’t get your hopes up about an exhibition, though- Palmarosa changes her hobbies and interests at the drop of a hat, so who knows what’s next!

Aroma: Freshrosy, floral, sweet and lemony

Size: 10 ml

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