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Patchouli Essentail Oil

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Patchouli is a very interesting character with a lot of contrasting traits. There is an old, ancient air about her, and Patchouli is actually quite balanced with her feet very well grounded but with aspirations shooting up into the sky.
She has such an enigmatic personality that she seems to have borrowed features from all her oil siblings and friends. She can be intense, persistent, fiery, yet refreshing, pungent, citrusy. It’s like the Creator couldn’t decide what distinctive features and aromas to throw in- but luckily the indecision turned Patchouli into a very charming cocktail who has something for everyone.

Patchouli personality has a tendency to stick to projects and has the drive and persistence required to see tasks come to fruition. She also has the ability to delve into the human psyche, which is why she makes the best negotiator, psychologist and even investigative journalist. When around Patchouli you may realise that her late-night-radio-jockey voice can make you feel sedated and euphoric, as if you are in a trance or relaxing meditation that you don’t want to come out of. So whether you need someone to help you understand some part of yourself, or simply want to be lulled to sleep, you know who to go to!

Aroma: Rich, intense, earthy, woody, sweet and herbaceous. Smells slightly like bitter chocolate and wine.

Size: 10 ml

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