Raw African Coconut Powder
Raw African Coconut Powder
Raw African Coconut Powder

Raw African Coconut Powder

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The fresh ocean breeze, the sunbeds, beach shorts (you get what we mean). This variant will transport you to coconut heaven! Made with dehydrated coconut milk, it adds the perfect flavour and texture! All of you out there that love this tropical fruit will go coconuts! Coconuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, high in dietary fibre and make a power-packed combination with dates both in health and taste!

Ingredients: A variety of imported sulphur free Dates, Peanuts, Coconut milk solids & Himalayan Pink Salt.

Who's it for?
Absolutely everyone!
When to consume it? 
We recommend you start your day with Brawny Bear. But, anytime is a good time, as a pre workout/ pre activity snack, When you're in the mood for something sweet. Like we said, anytime is a good time!
How to consume it? 
- If you're in a rush, just have a few spoonfuls and walk out!
- Add it to your favourite smoothie, add it as an enhancer to your oats, pancakes, porridge! This will not only enhance the taste but also enrich the nutrition profile of the dish, thereby resulting in a healthier breakfast.  
- As a snack or nutritious dessert - Add 3 tablespoons of the power + 6-7 spoons of a milk (of your choice), stir into a paste and enjoy!

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