SOS Rescue Mineral Hair Mask -  the style salad

SOS Rescue Mineral Hair Mask

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S.O.S. - Save our strands - immediately repairs the hair. Its a real rescue for hairfall. A total game changer.

What it is: An intensive hair treatment made with 8 phytominerals, Vitamin C & B, hydrating sugars.

What it does: Immediately improves hair texture, visibly controls intense hairfall, clarifies scalp and repairs overall hair health.

1. Empty mask into a bowl, add 75 ml water ( half a tea cup). Mix well.
2. Part and de-tangle hair.
3. Wear gloves & apply mask on scalp and hair.
4. Cover with the bouffant cap. Leave on for 15-30 mins.
5. Rinse well using a shampoo.

Once a week or when hair feel just unmanageable.

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