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Sparkling Strawberry Tea


Sparkling Strawberry Tea

Rs. 599.00

This is a supremely elegant blend of Chinese Green Sencha and the voluptuous botanical essence of rosebuds, lavender and strawberries which lures you in from afar. This one knows just how to charm the ladies.Raisins add a surprising depth that soothes. Designed to evoke passion and pleasure, this sensual brew of sweet and bubbly infusions is amorous and meant to usher in love, one sip at a time. Now brewing passion just needs hot water. So why wait for Valentine’s Day?



Delicate floral aroma of rosebud and juicy strawberry perfume the loose tea leaves to be greeted by a bubbly cheer of sparkling water.


Pale yellow with an occasional dash of pink


Sweet and Floral notes from strawberry and rosebuds complemented by a well-defined flavour of champagne furnish a subtle yet passionately charming taste that leaves you wanting for more.


Spaghetti with Arabbiata sauce, Fish, Seafood and Marshmallows


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