Strawberries & Cream Tea
Strawberries & Cream Tea

Strawberries & Cream Tea

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If there were ever a dessert without sin, this would be it. Close your eyes as you take the first sip and you will see yourself digging into a decadent bowl of handpicked sweet strawberries topped with rich, velvety cream and infused with calming Roman chamomile. A cupful of indulgence, without any of the guilt. This one is perfect for post meal sweet cravings or for just adding a dash of sweetness to your relationships.



Sweet scent of strawberry and alluring aroma of white chocolate conjoin to offer a pleasurable indulgence.


Dark Orange


Decadent chocolate and sweet strawberries leave your tongue with a rich, creamy texture only to be balanced out by the soothing roman chamomile


Strawberry shortcake, Trifle


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