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Happy Planting Terrarium Workshop - For Adults & Children 

Workshop Objective 

Join Happy Planting as they take you through a fun interactive workshop on how to create a healthy and spiritual environment in your home through personalized terrariums. There's nothing quite like a terrarium for a great gift or as an intriguing addition to your home. Like a little world within itself, they spark the imagination and inspire the soul. Create your own garden in a bowl and help it grow together. Bring fresh air to your homes this 2020.

Workshop Description 

There is no better gift than some quality mother and child time together creating something that you can take home and look at with a smile after. Here’s a chance to do something meaningful all while learning and creating something you can keep! Make a stylish indoor garden terrarium in lots of different colours and with easy to care for plants. Through a series of hands on training and interactive sessions we will learn the history of the terrarium and follow step-by-step instructions in this hands-on workshop. Learn tips for selecting containers, the
types of plants that can be used in a terrarium, how to arrange for optimal aesthetic balance, quirky add-ins that can bring life to your terrarium and how to care for the ecosystem inside once it's been properly set up. Perk up any space instantly, inside or outside your home with a little bright and modern greenery of terrariums.

Workshop Topics

1. Introduction to Happy Planting
1.1 Products and services
1.2 Plants as gifts!

2. Significance of plants at home
2.1 Positivity and health with plants
2.2 Varieties and their benefits
2.3 How to choose plants for your home
2.4 Oxygenating & Medicinal plants

3. Introduction to Terrariums
3.1 History and varieties
3.2 Availability in Delhi/NCR

4. The Making – Designing your Terrarium
4.1 Tips and tricks for container selection, drainage
4.2 Specialty succulent soil making
4.3 Plant selection – multiple plants
4.4 Design techniques
4.5 Care instructions for light and watering
4.6 Adding colour and liveliness to homes
4.7 Recycling household items for tools and

5. Make your ecosystem live longer
5.1 Safety and precautionary tips
5.2 Maintenance

Method of Instruction
1. Interactive sessions & lecture, with trivia - 80%
2. One-on-one instruction learning - 100% 

Tools & Supplies Required - Arranged by you (Additional Material Cost if provided by Happy Planting)
1. Gloves
2. Spoon
3. Brush
4. Tissue paper/ Newspaper
5. Clean scissors

Raw Materials - Arranged by you (Additional Material Cost if provided by Happy Planting)
1. One glass terrarium 8” - 10” bowl
2. Plants per terrarium
3. Organic potting mix / Terrarium mix
4. Assorted stones, pebbles, sand
5. Artificial decor for designing

Dress casually, in clothes you don't mind getting a little soiled. If you have mini figurines or keepsakes that you would like to add to your masterpiece please bring them along. Bring a notebook, as the faculty gives out lots of information.

One on One Session 
Duration : 30 to 120 minutes 

Once you have purchased this Workshop please email us at hello@thestylesalad.in to fix the Date & Time for your one on one session. 
If you are looking for a group booking/corporate booking please contact us directly to get a discounted price per head for the workshop. 

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