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What is The Inner Project?

The fullness of life comes from being in the present. It takes practice. Like Yoga, art is a direct path to heightened awareness which as artists we have experienced in the process of art. With awareness, comes depth that lies in this active practice and not in the end result.

The process of art is transformative. It engages us physically, emotionally & intuitively. This process of art is healing. The physicality of art – the strokes, the pressure, the colour, the layers draws us into it with such intense concentration that it clears our mind. There is an inner clarity and we can live fuller lives.

We have taken what we have learnt in several years of practicing and teaching art to design experiential programmes that help achieve awareness. These programmes consist of guided triggers to tap into this awareness through various media, particularly those of art such as colour, drawing, writing. They are designed to help one discover the freedom and mindfulness that the process of art brings. 

Hope you will enjoy The Inner Project.

What is a programme in The Inner Project like?

  • You can experience and participate in The Inner Project through various programmes
  • Each programme is based on a specific theme such as self-awareness, concentration, care & patience. There are fixed number of sessions in a programme
  • During the sessions, participants use various media of expression such as writing, drawing, colouring to the triggers that we have designed
  • Everything expressed by participants during a session, stays private with them! We do not view their work
  • There is no prerequisite to participation, you do not need a background in art
  • All programmes are being conducted online


  • The fee for the 3-session Self-Awareness online programme is Rs.3186 Full payment is made at the time of registration
  • You will received details about how to prepare for your sessions (materials etc.) after registration


  • The first programme based on Self-Awareness, consists of 3 sessions, each one of about an hour.
  • The schedule for the 3-session Self-Awareness programme is
    Session 1 29th August 
    Session 2 5th September 
    Session 3 12th September

How it works?

  • Once you have registered for a programme, you will receive further information regarding preparation for the programme on email
  • Specific session details are emailed on the day of the session
  • The day after a particular session you will receive guidelines for self-practice for the days in between the sessions

Once you have registered for the workshop email us at and we will send you all the information required to get started on your workshop. 

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