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The Little Book of Moon Magic - The Style Salad

The Little Book of Moon Magic

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The Moon is our guide in the realms of enchantment. Wise, gentle, fascinating, and eerie, she is Queen of the fluctuating forces that govern our lives. Tuning into the Moon helps us to harmonize with our own instincts and natural rhythms. Rediscover what the ancients knew well-that the Moon rules magic." -from The Little Book of Moon Magic

Anyone who has ever looked up into the night sky and wondered at the Moon will love turning through the pages of The Little Book of Moon Magic, a wonderful primer for all things Moon.

Ever stop to wonder why songs are written about "Blue Moons"? This fact-filled little book will explicate this along with other fun trivia. Discover which crystals, aromatic oils, and herbs work best for lunar spells. Realize the meaning of Moon signs and their special magic. Become acquainted with the Moon by watching, learning, and charting her phases.

* The Moon always keeps the same side turned toward us-we never see her other face.

* Kissing your hand to the Moon is an old custom for bringing good luck.

* During the New Moon, make plans and new beginnings. Put new resolutions into practice. During the Waning Moon, scrutinize things and shed the unnecessary.

Beam the magic of the Moon into your own life through simple spells, choice charms, and inviting invocations. The Little Book of Moon Magic is packed with helpful hints, interesting history, and lunar lore to make the Moon's magic work for you

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