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Black Tourmaline Schorl Tumbles - The Style Salad

Black Tourmaline Schorl Tumbles

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A great piece for Work or Home, keeping you grounded, clearing the environment of EMF , clearing your aura of unwanted energy. One of the best grounding stone, Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl. It protects against electromagnetic smog such as cell phones, computers and televisions when placed near the device. Tourmaline will protect against psychic attack, spells and ill wishing. Being a base chakra stone and as such grounds you and increases physical vitality, releases tension and stress. Encourages a positive attitude to life, no matter what the circumstances. It clears negative thought patterns. Hold after a long day at work to de-stress, or put in bath water to clear your aura and wash off anxiety. Also helpful when you want to avoid attention ( Creates a cloak or shield around you)

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