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Welcome to the newest and most exciting way of discovering fine living, The Style Salad. We grate some exciting home décor, sprinkle stylish stationery to liven up your workstation, toss it with carefully chosen, delectable gourmet food products and surprise recipes, add a few beauty goodies to lend you that additional sparkle, and lo and behold your very own master-curated ‘Style Salad’ is ready!

The Style Detox

We, at The Style Salad, work in close coordination with a superior selection of both established and upcoming brands to bring you specially curated gift boxes based on different themes for different occasions and promise to delight you with our original and exclusive collection of items, each of which is packaged beautifully. You can count on our lifestyle experts to curate a perfect gift box by simply opting for our pre-packed boxes or tossing up a Style Salad of your choice!


Expert-picked Ingredients

Gift Stylish, Gift The Style Salad Way

Salad Sampling

With your fast-paced and hectic schedules leaving you with very little ‘me’ time, style-upgraded shopping is often a distant dream, a plan made ages ago which hardly got close to the point of materializing. Fret not, for TSS is here to act as a one-stop destination to take care of all lifestyle-related needs, with experts who are well aware of the trending styles. Easily accessible with abundant choices, the website puts together well-thought-out packages to quench your thirst for a lifestyle upgrade. You can either pick and choose your items or wait to see what our experts have curated for you!

No one understands the art of gifting better than us. TSS keeps up with the trends in stocking the most innovative, exclusive and enviable products which serve as perfect gifts to make life’s myriad moments a tad more unforgettable. There are tons of products waiting to be taken off our shelves by every person looking to find the ideal complement for every occasion. Why wait for the perfect event?In fact, go on, gift off the TSS shelf on a whim, we assure you that the reaction will be priceless, maybe only a little less than the memory itself!

At TSS we believe that customer satisfaction reigns supreme. We are a team united by our passion for all things stylish and ensure that our shelves carry only those products that are relevant, utilitarian and creative, those that you would love to gift, receive and cherish. Apart from being carefully handled and aesthetically packed, the products also carry a personal, hand-written note from our experts on tips and ways to use each product. Personalization is paramount to us.



PrePack Toss Corporate GIfts


Toss up your own

Corporate Gifting

Leave the ingredient selection to our lifestyle experts as they whip up a deliciously curated ‘Style Salad’ to surprise you from time to time.

Not opting for our pre-packed box? Visit the toss up your own section on our website  and choose from a wide array of products to help us send you the perfect combination to yourself or your loved ones. Rest assured that the salad dressing will be spectacular.

The Style Salad also handles corporate gifting. We would love to play a role in your welcoming of new and existing clients, vendors or team members and nothing shows more appreciation than a smart gift box curated by us!