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Rhodonite Tumbles - The Style Salad
Rhodonite Tumbles - The Style Salad

Rhodonite Tumbles

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A deep rose pink with black inclusions, Rhodonite is a stone that brings deep happiness and helps to accept all aspects of love. Discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia, it was said to bring strength and protection as it was noticed that Eagles carried small pieces of Rhodonite to their young ones nests. it restores physical energy , and was once used to calm stomach ulcers. Balances the flow of chi in the body as it directs energy to the endocrine system. Use it to heal from emotional trauma and grief of the past, and look to the future with brightness. Calms anxiety, and mild nervous disorders. Wonderful stone for those with abandonment issues, as it helps one discover inner strength and value. Supports the removal of kidney stones, as it helps understand the cause of anger (which is related to the formation of kidney stones). Sooth inflammation of joints and arthritis. Use it to discover your gifts and to use them for the highest good of all.

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