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Equal, Yet Different - the style salad

Equal, Yet Different

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Equal, Yet Different is exactly how women want to be treated, and need to be treated.

Despite the growing number of women acquiring professional degrees, they remain under-represented and almost invisible when it comes to top leadership positions or decision-making roles. While women have proved beyond doubt that they are just as talented and capable as men, they are still held back by expectations laid down by society and a largely unconscious bias on the part of colleagues and family members. Besides grappling with external challenges, women find that their own mindsets are also shaped by similar conditioning. The reasons for women not making it to the top echelons of the business world extend far beyond the known ones like marriage and maternity.

Based on in-depth interviews with career women, leaders and experts on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Equal, Yet Different identifies catalysts that can help women achieve maximum potential and fulfilment. This book will benefit all those interested in women’s careers-women themselves, their spouses, bosses and even organizations looking to succeed.

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