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Sleeping Like a Baby: A must have book for early parents - The Style Salad

Sleeping Like a Baby: A must have book for early parents

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How do I get my baby to sleep? Discover the gentle, scientific, child-led solution to this bewildering (and exhausting) phenomenon of early parenthood for 0-5 year olds.

Sleeping Like a Baby
 serves as the ultimate bedside companion for parents, packed with all the modern tools you need to build a stronger connection with your children and enable age-appropriate sleep for their optimum growth. The book does the seemingly impossible: blending traditional wisdom and the latest research, it gives us a revolutionary approach to achieve longer naps, better night sleep with fewer wakings, a happier baby and more joy and rest as a family, without resorting to fraught practices like ‘sleep training’.
With anecdotal insights, deep research and practical tips in an Indian context, this book empowers parents to tune into their instincts and understand a child’s cues so that bedtime battles, cranky days and sleepless nights are a thing of the past. Authored by the co-founders running the pioneering Facebook group Gentle Baby Sleep India, Sleeping Like a Baby shares the secret sauce that enables a family-no matter its structure or pressures-to keep the child’s evolutionary and biological sleep needs in focus.
Endorsed by some of the most eminent child sleep experts and written in a style that is deceptively simple and accessible, Sleeping Like a Baby is the final word on responsive and restful sleep for caregiver and baby. All night long.

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