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exotic face and body clay - the style salad
Exotic face clay - the style salad
    brazilianyellowclay - the style salad
Brazilian yellow clay - the style salad
amazonian clay from Egypt - the style salad
Arabian Sea clay - the style salad
French pink clay - the style salad
French pink clay - the style salad
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay - the style salad
Serbian blue clay - the style salad
Serbian blue clay - the style salad
Glacial green clay new zealand - the style salad
exotic face clay from around the world - the style salad
organic face skin care - the style salad

Exotic Clay Masks

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Serbian blue clay:  Serbian blue clay is extracted from the Serbian lakes making it one of the rarest cosmetic clays in the world. This mineral-rich clay gets its light blue colour from the algae and minerals present in it. Blue clay is packed with the goodness of detoxifying and medicinal properties, making it an ideal companion of your skincare routine. This  organic Serbian blue clay restores the nutrients and elasticity of your skin leaving you with youthful, glowing skin.

Brazilian yellow clay: Brazilian clay are all set to become the hottest beauty trend owing to their amazing benefits, organic properties and ease of use. This Brazilian yellow clay is a magical ancient ingredient that unveils its magic on your skin with its mineral-rich properties that help in collagen formation helping you achieve youthful and glowing skin. Brazilian yellow clay is sourced from different regions of Brazil, which is the land of mineral-rich soil. Use yellow clay on the skin as an exfoliate and anti-ageing product and for hair as anti-flaking shampoo and conditioner.

Arabian Sea clay: You don't have to fly across the world to enjoy the wonders of the dead sea. Dive deep into the Arabian sea & enjoy salt-rich unique combinations of minerals that will detoxify, exfoliate & give your skin a Mermaid-like glow!
100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic | For a Radiant Face & Body | For All Skin Types

Amazonian clay: Sourced directly from the mouth of the Amazon river, our detoxifying clay absorbs excess oil, eliminates toxins & reduces visible pores; bestowing Queen Cleopatra like pure, soft, smoother looking skin.
100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic | For All Skin Types

Moroccan Rhassoul clay: Mined exclusively from valleys of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this “Cosmetic Gold” is a pure elixir for your skin. Watch as the magnetic energy of this clay detoxifies your skin whilst protecting it from environmental damage!
100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic | For Deep Cleansing the Face & Body | For All Skin Types.

French Pink clay: Rediscover your gorgeous glow with our French Pink Clay harvested from the rarest of bentonite; set to reinvigorate your complexion, refine pores & boost radiance instantly 
100% Pure, Natural & Unbleached | For Face & Body Detoxification | For All Skin Types

Glacial Green clay: Made from a rare deposit of Green Nontronite, our “immaculate” clay will cleanse & detoxify your skin like no other, making you feel rejuvenated & transcend you to the pristine world of nature!
100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic | For All Skin Types

Size: 100 gms


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