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Gratitude Tea Therapy Box - The Style Salad
Gratitude Tea Therapy Box - The Style Salad
Gratitude Tea Therapy Box - The Style Salad

Gratitude Tea Therapy Box

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Gratitude; it’s simply holding onto the good part so that the good multiplies. It’s as simple as this. Whenever we think of a little me-time, journaling and sipping tea tops our list. Apart from the numerous benefits you find on internet about journaling and green teas- think of it this way-It’s a time you snatch away from everything else and save for yourself. It is clinging onto the good part and creating your own wellness ritual. And oh, we are so big on rituals. Daily practice that you do for yourself that make you feel more centered. Making a gratitude entry and brewing tea for yourself will change your life for good. So, if you are deep invested in the idea or will start the practice now, it never hurts to set aside a little time for yourself. Let this therapy box do that for you. Begin your mindful journey towards your inner self today and simply know yourself better

This box contains: 
1 Gratitude Journal

5 Assorted Teas from Darjeeling : (Rose green tea, Mint Green Tea, Tulsi Green Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Supreme Green Tea)

How a little gratitude & some tea can change your life?

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