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Sandalwood luxury incense Cone - The style salad
Lotus Luxury incense cone - the style salad

Fragrant Incense Cones

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These incense cones are bamboo-free, charcoal-free and chemical-free.
They are made by upcycling the dung from cows and bulls, thus eliminating waste at the very first stage. Lighting a cone everyday fills your home with positive energy.
Ditch the agarbatti and embrace these incense cones, which is as good as doing a havan to purify your space.

Good for us and good for the planet - each cone is a cone of good vibes, a cone of awareness, a cone of conversation and a cone of change, and the change starts with us. 

Box of 12 cones

Choose from Lotus Incense OR Sandalwood Incense 

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