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In this incredibly busy world of ours, where we are constantly dragged from pillar to post, our thoughts and emotions all over the place, is sure to leave us feeling high strung, frustrated and anxious. We at The Style Salad, are here to help you enjoy being present in the moment and remind you to enjoy the little things in life no matter how stressful it gets. And what better way than with our MINDFUL BOX to enjoy a peace loving experience!


Ellement Co. More Life Less Rush Coffee Mug

Ellement Co. Tranquility Meditation Pocket Mist 

Clear the atmosphere of any unwanted/negative energy and scents by spraying some TRANQUILITY MEDITATION mist. This instantly relaxes your mind & muscles and makes you feel super peaceful. 

Look What Happened Universe Notebook

Tea Treasure Don't Hate Meditate Lemon Tulsi Green Tea Pouch

Whistling Yarns Inhale Exhale Yoga Mat Bag

Each box is carefully curated and hand-wrapped with a personalised message.

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