MOM & BABY Gift hamper - the style salad


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Let mom indulge in few moments of bliss while helping welcome her little bundle of joy. The perfect gift box to celebrate the beautiful connection between a mom and her new little one, with indulgences for her as well as adorable goodies for her little one.


Baby Booties OR Mouse Ear Cap (assorted based on availability)

Baby Bib

Eye Pillow

Rest those tired eyes with the healing, relaxing and rejuvenating qualities of lavender. Its scent has the ability to reduce anxiety and balance body and mind, making it ideal to prepare for sleep and meditation. For cooling relief, chill in refrigerator (in the cover provided) for one hour or put in the freezer for 10 minutes. Remove and gently place pillow over the eyes for a tranquil experience. Store it in the refrigerator to preserve aroma and longevity.

Teddy Rattle

Mild Tranquiliser Tisane 

Yellow Polka Swaddle  OR Burp Cloth

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