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Scalp Love - Hair Oil - the style salad
Scalp Love - Hair Oil - the style salad

Scalp Love: Hair Oil

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Made with natural ingredients and cold-pressed oils, this hair oil is great to pamper and nourishing your hair.
Mom's secret recipe ensures that your hair and scalp stay healthy. This blend helps to strengthen your hair, help with its growth and keeps your scalp extremely happy!

How to use: 

Heat this oil slightly and use it at least 1-2 times a week for the best results. Safe to keep overnight.
We suggest a head massage from a loved one, for the best experience!

Benefits and Ingredients:

Hibiscus - One of the most renowned herbs for hair care, it stimulates hair growth, Helps in treating dandruff, deep-conditions the hair and prevents premature greying of hair. Naturally occurring amino acids in hibiscus flowers provide the hair with the nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. These amino acids produce a special kind of structural protein called keratin, which is the building block of hair.

Bhrigngraj - Also known as False Daisy, Bhringraj is a miraculous herb hailing from the sunflower family. rich in nutrients such as Iron, Vitamin E, magnesium, polypeptides, steroids calcium, vitamin D. The oil is also rich in proteins that make it even more beneficial for hair. It provides relief from the itchiness and greasiness caused by dandruff. Bhringraj oil is rich in nutrients that provide the hair and the scalp with all the necessary nourishment, thereby preventing hair fall. It is rich in nutrients which provide deep conditioning to hair and bring out the natural shine. The secret to lush, glossy hair is a recipe that consists of potent herbs like Bhrinraj and gooseberry.

Neem - Neem oil contains the active ingredient nimbidin. Some older research suggestsTrusted Source that nimbidin can help suppress inflammation, which may make it useful in treating dermatitis, psoriasis, or other scalp irritation. Neem is also a known antifungal. In some cases, dandruff and irritation can result from yeast buildup on the scalp.

Curry leaves - The antioxidants present in the curry leaves help moisturize the scalp and remove the dead hair follicles. Beta-carotene, protein, and alkaloids present in the curry leaves are beneficial in retaining natural hair tone, promoting hair growth, and preventing hair loss and hair thinning. curry leaves often contain amino acids and vitamins such as vitamin B (thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin) and vitamin C, beneficial in hair strengthening and hair growth.

Onion seeds - Nourishes the hair follicles so that they can grip the hair better which results in less hair fall. It helps in sealing the moisture in the scalp and lets it stay healthy as well as conditioned. Onion seeds have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Regular use of onion seed oil helps prevent premature greying of hair.

Indian gooseberry - This edible fruit is considered as a miracle cure for hair care. It stimulates hair growth and improves the quality of hair. It contains calcium, which promotes healthier hair. It helps strengthen hair follicles and reduces hair thinning.

Raw cold pressed coconut oil - Our in house raw cold pressed virgin coconut oil helps prevent hair breakage and split ends, Increases the hair volume, Helps against graying of hair and adds lustre, Moisturizes the hair and scalp, Prevents the formation of dandruff, Offers protection from lice, Soothes boils and scalp irritation.


250 ml

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