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Snakes & Ladders - The Style Salad
Snakes & Ladders - The Style Salad

Snakes & Ladders

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Classics are forever!
Snakes & Ladders - originally known as Moksha Patam, is an ancient board and dice game that originated in India. The game signifies the journey of life. The Virtues (represented by ladders) – are the good qualities and deeds that take you up in life; while the Vices (represented by snakes) are the bad ones that bring you down. By gathering good virtues and doing good Karmas, one can attain Moksha (salvation). The game has been used in India for centuries to impart moral education to children; and to instill good virtues in them.
The game here is based on the same concept; but with a slight twist. The 'snakes' and 'ladders' also appear in your life in accordance with your 'feels'. Negative feels like anger, fear and jealousy bring you down; while the positive ones like love, trust and gratitude uplift you.

The game has a meaningful message while bringing a touch of nostalgia; as you indulge in board games again. It also brings the entire family together; thus bringing in togetherness, happiness and harmony.

The game is based on the classic Snakes & Ladders, with different feels that represent the snakes and ladders. The tokens are made of wood and have a flower design inscribed on them.


Choose your token and place it on 'START MINDFULLY'
Take turns to roll the dice. You can start your journey once you get a 6 on the dice. Roll the dice again and move the token up the numbers, as shown on the dice
En route, whenever you get a 6 on the dice, you roll it again and move up to the total of the numbers
If your token lands at the bottom of a ladder, you move up to the number on the top of the ladder. If the token lands on the head of the snake, the snake bites you and you fall right down to its tail end.Likewise, when your token reaches a good feel like love, trust or kindness; you're elevated. Reaching a negative feel like anger, fear or jealousy brings you down.
Just keep on rolling the dice and follow mindful instructions all along
The first person to reach 'GRATITUDE' is the winner. Gratitude is the noblest of human virtues and can make you achieve whatever you want with pure intentions.

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