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Welcome to The Style Salad !


Why hello there, we see you’ve found your way to our blog!
Welcome to The Style Salad, your answer to stylish gifting to yourself and to the best people in your life.
You browse, select and we deliver!
We are gift box designers, stylists, and curators for all things lifestyle, wedding, baby and corporate.
We’ve got interesting, quaint and yummy products, all in one place making your gifts stand out stylishly. All this packed in elegant boxes which you will be thrilled to give or receive!
The Style Salad celebrates life and all the beautiful things that it unveils. Whatever be the occasion - a birthday, a housewarming, a return gift, a homecoming, a wedding, or just to say thank you, we have that special box for you ! And, of course, you get to add your own personal touch!
Better yet ?!
Just go ahead and Toss Up Your Own, if our pre-packed boxes don't work for you! We have an assortment of products which you can select from. Leave it to us to add the “dressing” and deliver to your doorstep in style.
Do keep peeking into our website, we promise it only gets better from here on with our constant updates and expertly picked "ingredients" for our new boxes !

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