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There are times when we all just want to get up and move like nobody’s watching - to remember what it felt like to prance around and summersault like a kid.

We believe that our Vector X jump rope in our WORK IT box is the perfect way to keep those youthful dreams alive !

Did you know that the jump rope can burn as many calories as running and helps tone your body. Plus, a jump rope is the ideal size for travel.

Whether you’re looking to relive those childhood memories, get an edge in your chosen sport or fit in an effective cardio session on the go, the workout below is for you.

If you haven’t picked up a jump rope since you were 13, remember to swing with your wrists not your arms, keep your shoulders back, jump low and allow your ankles, knees, and hips to flex when you land.

Reps: 60 sec.
Jump over the rope with both feet on every revolution, swinging the rope forward (the most basic jump).

Reps: 60 sec.
Jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope. Then to your right. Get into a rhythm.

Reps: 60 sec.
Swing the rope backward for each jump.

Reps: 60 sec.
Jump on one foot; land softly.

Reps: 60 sec.
Jump on the other foot.

Our WORK IT BOX includes other fun, fitness essentials like a super comfy workout top, diet planner which helps you record 365 days of your fitness regime and meals which will enable you to track your progress from fat-fit-fab! 

The Grapefruit body wash from Ayca is perfect when you hit the showers post work out. With essential oils blended into an exotic gel base derived from coconut, it leaves your body smelling sweet and feeling refreshed!

We've also got a fruit infuser bottle, to make sure you are sipping on detox water throughout your day! The bottle allows you to add natural fruit (citrus, pineapple, berry, melon, etc.) and herbs (mint, basil, lavender, etc.) to water and enjoy a healthy, flavorful and refreshing drink.

The Style Salad WORK IT Box also includes some health snacks, trail mix from Hungry Squirrel and all natural energy bars from Yoga Bars to munch on throughout the day. Have fun workin it! 

Stay Fit & Fabulous! 


P.S. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a Fitness Addict, look no further! 

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