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India is known for its round the year festivities. Starting right from Makar Sankranti in January till Diwali in November, the fun and frolic just doesn’t stop! Not to mention this year-long string of festivities passes the baton of excitement straight to the wedding season that follows, running from December through January till almost March. 

And we all know half the charm of these festivals reside in the gifts that we give to our loved ones. So this festive season, let The Style Salad help you give the most amazing gifts instead of your standard, off-the-shelf, redundant gift from a gift store? 

Introducing to you, The Style Salad’s customization plans! 

With a little advance planning and maximum creativity, you can give your loved ones gifts that they will forever cherish. Here are a few more reasons why you would love our customization plans - 

  1. We are able to provide gift hampers that can be customized to the T as per your instructions and are more affordable. 
  2. Advance planning helps you skip the hassle of paying more during the festive rush. 
  3. You get access to a much wider variety of products. 
  4. And most importantly, Covid-19 related scares, when in a mall will not be an issue for you! 

C’mon. It doesn’t get better than this! 

Actually, it does. 

We not only customize gifts according to known festivals or typical celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries, we can practically do anything that you want. 

Personalized bachelorette gift packs? Check. 

Customized gift for newly engaged couple? Check. Check.

Corporate gifting ?  Yup!

Personalized Wedding Welcome Hampers/ Wedding Invites ? Yessir!

Shopping within the safe confines of your home? You bet!

So, whether it is incorporating your logo or assembling gift hampers according to a specific theme or customizing wedding giveaways, your wish is our command! 

While all gifts show care, customized gifts speak volume. 

When you customize a gift for someone, you tell that person that you put in your thoughts and efforts into the gift and that their presence in your life means something to you. You think about what their likings and dislikings are, or perhaps which show they love the most, or you think of an item that is symbolic of a memory you share together. That shows your love for them. 

What’s more, the gift hampers that are tailor-made to your specifications are unconventional and super trendy, because at The Style Salad, our team of experts will help bring your vision to life. And also because we believe in doing everything with a splash of vogue! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

The gifting season is heading right at you.


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