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Portable Magic

Someone truly said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.” 

And we couldn’t agree more.
Which is why The Style Salad would like to introduce you to our collection of ‘uniquely portable magic’ that we have to offer. 

We have a book for every mood! 

Take, for example, the New York Times best seller ‘1000+ Little Things Happy & Successful People Do Differently.’ Written by Marc and Angel Chernoff, this book is a rational approach towards remaining happy and positive. They deliver immediate inspiration and very strong advice on how to be our best selves.
So, the next time you are feeling down, pick up this book and feel a wave of positivity surge inside of you.

If you are looking for a little warmer sort of inspiration or if you are just looking for ways to relieve yourself of off some stress, then we would definitely recommend the international bestseller books ‘Ikigai’ or ‘Ichigo Ichie’, ‘Find Calm’ or the or ‘The Happiness Journal’. These books are filled with words of comfort and of warmth that will help you feel calm and relaxed.
Look at the power of words! 

To cater to your foodie mood, we have ‘Indian Pantry: The Very Best of Rude Food’, winner of the Gourmand World cookbook award 2019. However, if you are feeling a little ‘sophisticated’ per se, then we have ‘The Essential Wine Book’. This superb book basically tells you what to drink and why. You can call it your very own drinking guide!

Moving on to your sassy mood, the mood where you know you can do any damn thing you want, we would definitely want to keep that mood up by suggesting to you the book, ‘Making of a CEO’. As the name suggests, this book explains the nuances of being a leader in different circumstances. We would also recommend the book ‘Fearless:Stories of Amazing Women from Pakistan’. This book chronicles the stories of fifty women who have proved that one woman can change the entire world. We suggest these books in the hope that these books keep that sassy fire in you burning as you draw inspiration from them. 

How To Be A Likable Bigot’ is a collection of satirical essays. It is a book of its own kind and one must definitely give it a read.
Forever Like the Stars’ is a beautiful collection of unique poems and is packed with emotions. Makes the perfect gift to anyone who is fond of art. 

The list goes on as we keep adding more and more to our collection so that you are never out of your favourite portable magic! 

We hope you love these books just as much as we do because someone wise once said, ‘Take a good book to bed; books don’t snore.’

Happy reading!  

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