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Everyday ‘A LA MODE’

Everyday ‘A LA MODE’

After two years of being under lockdown, things are finally opening up now.

Offices, schools, colleges, everything.
Things are finally starting to go back to what was earlier called normal.

So, as the entire country prepares to go back to how things were pre-covid, you absolutely cannot afford to step out of the house unprepared and ‘un-stylish’.

The Style Salad will help ensure that this doesn’t happen.
With our range of Everyday Accessories, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Even though things are going back to normal, you are still required to step out of the house with a mask. Storing a mask and keeping track of where it has been kept is a tiresome job. With the Holo Mask Chain and the Mask Straps, this would be the least of your concern. Quirky and handy, what else do you need?

Ari Mobile Sling, Auray Mobile Zipper Sling, Carte Card Holders, Ivy Mobile Sling and the Roll Up Wallet are the classic things you should have when you are stepping out of the house. It's a combination of utility plus vogue and let’s be honest, you don’t get to see that too often, right?

Feelin Beachy Tote BagFold Up Tote and our Quirky Tote Bags will accompany you everywhere you go. These bags are colorful and spacious. And Tote Bags are ALWAYS in. You can pair them up with literally everything you wear and it would be a perfect fit! 

One of the major drawbacks of the lockdown has been that we have fallen out of the habit of traveling. So, now that you have to, it would be extra taxing for your feet than they used to be. To aid in making this process less painful for your feet, we have the Shoe Cushions.

And if you are a person who needs their morning coffee on the go, we got you covered!
We have the Bamboo Fiber Quiry Cups, Caper Tumbler, DIY Large Tumbler, Glitter Whopper Tumbler, Hustle Tumbler and the Minimal Golden Sippy Cup for that daily dose of yours. 

We know that it is not raining now, but well, it will someday right? For that, you can hop around with our quirky It's Raining Cats, Dogs, Stars & Magic Umbrella and Rainbow Showers Umbrella. They are so cute, you would not want to leave them at home.

We also have the Mother Hustler Glass Case, Power Bank with Misty Spray, Laya Key Case, Lean On Me Business Card/Phone Holder and so many more products that make up your daily routine, but in style!

All you have to do is look for what you want.
TSS assures you, you will find it! And what’s better, whatever you find will be super chic!

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