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Love is in the air.
Quite literally.

There are various stories on how Valentine’s Day came to be. Originally, Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated as a Christian feast day honouring a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. However, over centuries and amidst the various versions of this story, one thing has remained constant; the theme of love. So, every year, people from all over the world designate this time as the celebration of love and romance.

This year, TSS wishes to be of help to you as you celebrate your bond with the special people in your life! 

You could spend your Valentine’s Day, snuggling under a blanket with that special someone, watching your favorite series, wearing the Lobster Socks or the Love You 3000 Socks, sipping on our Serendipity Tea or Red Velvet Latte from the Coffee/Travel Sipper Cup or the Truly Madly Deeply Mug Sets. Or maybe you guys are munching on the Apple Cinnamon Bliss Balls? Completely your choice. After all, it’s your Valentine’s! Spend it how you want to. 

What we just described was for all the lucky people who do not have an office to go to on 14th of February, because let’s face it, 14th is a Monday :(. But Monday blues don’t necessarily have to bring down the romance right? With the Golden Date Night Gift Box, you can arrange a very romantic candle light dinner with your partner and remind them of why they are so special to you. What’s better than ending a Monday over a glass of wine and knowing that you brought a smile to the face of that one person you care immensely for? 

And for all of you who unfortunately cannot meet your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day, you can be rest assured that TSS will ensure that your love reaches them, packed in a box full of warmth. The Hearts All Around Gift Box, Pom Pom Gift Box, Heart You Gift Box, Polka Love Gift Box, You Are My Lobster Gift Box, Eternal Romance Gift Box, Hugs & Kisses Gift Box and Roses on Roses Gift Box, among the million other things will carry your love across distances. Because just like age, distance too is just a number. 

The Hearts On Hearts Necklace and the XOXO Necklace would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts if you want to give them something that they can wear everyday. And if your partner loves to self-care, then our Mini Heart Soaps or 3D Heart Soaps or It’s Cheesy Soaps would be the best gift for them. These handmade soaps are made of natural ingredients and essential oils so other than your partner, their skin will love these soaps as well! 

And if you have a different sort of mood, then how about you and your partner mix it up with our Fruity Cocktail Mixes, Fun & Flirty Greeting Cards and Let’s Talk Card Game?
We mean, who said that Valentine’s Day has to always be all red hearts and rosy eyes?
It can be a wild, crazy and ‘I-laughed-so-hard-I-cried’ kinda night too! 

Whatever it is, go ahead, declare your love to them. After all, as we have always established, gifts are indeed a love language.

Happy Valentine’s Week ya’ll! <3

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