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Beeswax & Clove Foot Cream - The Style Salad

Beeswax & Clove Foot Cream

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A specially formulated foot cream that repairs and softens rough, hard & cracked heels. Clove Oil has antiseptic properties that disinfect your feet. Shea butter deeply moisturizes your feet making them super soft. Amla and Neem seed oil soothes & relaxes tired feet.
Our feet are the most underlooked part of our body, cracked feet, lines and dry heels is natural since it is exposed to various harmful factors. Low humidity and the harsh winters can cause dryness and cracking, pollution and dust blocks the pores of the skin on the feet. Wuba’s foot cream provides deep hydration and moisturising to the skin, making them soft and bacteria-free.

Ingredients: Wuba’s foot cream contains a unique blend of traditional Indian herbs and herbal extracts that takes care of all problems for a good feet skin health. It contains Shea Butter, Beeswax, Curcuma Longa Extract, Amla, Neem Seed oil, Turmeric Extract, Menthol, and Clove Oil.

Why use Wuba’s foot cream?
- Heels cracked heels and dryness
- Gives you a deep nourishment
- Prevents any bacterial infections
- Stimulates blood circulation
- Provides deep hydration to dry and calloused heels
- Provides you relaxed, tire-free feet naturally

Formulated in Canada, this Foot cream provides an overall nourishment and care to the feet. It is made
for all skin types and both men and women.

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