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Gifts are a love language.

Most people don’t realize that gifts are not just commodities, but a power. Gifts imbibe in them the power to spread joy, bring smiles and brighten someone’s day, just like that. But while receiving gifts can be amazing, sometimes giving gifts can become a very difficult task.
Would they like it? Would it be of use to them? 

There are so many questions one has to deal with when deciding a gift for someone.
How about we tell you that you can actually give someone gifts that are specifically made for them? That are bespoke and custom-made for them? 

Yes, that’s right!
We at The Style Salad introduce our “Personalize me” collection.
A range of products that are made & customised exclusively for you!

From wine glasses to whiskey glasses, customised shot glasses to pens, we have it all.

For all the coffee, tea or wine drinkers out there, we have Initials/Name Customized Mugs, Wine Glass Sets - Customized, Mug Set - Customized, Tall Pastel Mugs, Minimal Golden Sippy Cup, Creative Fuel Personalized Mug, Cappuccino Personalized Mug, DIY Large Tumbler. You can engrave names on these mugs, make them your own.

We even have Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Personalized Shot Glass Set and Wine Glass + Chilling Bucket Set for all those who believe in (Every peg has a name written on it!)

And for every thought that you want to scribble down, for every story you want to remember and store in something that you can truly call your own, the Dreams & Doodles Personalized Notebook promises to be that something for you. Our Personalized Pens will only add to the joy of putting pen to paper and journaling to your hearts content. 

We also have personalised Smoothie Bottles, Personalized Marshmallow Glass Bottles, Personalized Signature Glass Bottle and Personalized Glass Coffee Mug for those who are always on the move, but don't forget to stay healthy and hydrated and is makes for a great employee on boarding gift! 

Personalised smoothie bottle, personalised gift ideas

For the fitness freaks out there, the Yoga Mat + Bag + Steel Bottle Combo and the Yoga Mat + Bag + Glass Bottle Combo will be a proud badge of honor for them. Imagine, having a Yoga Mat, bag and a bottle with your name on it. Now that’s a big flex! 

Personalised Yoga mat & water bottle. Gifts for yoga lovers, yoga day gifts

And while we know that pets can’t read, but they do understand love, what is a better way of letting them feel your love than by having a bowl for them, that is just theirs and no one else's? Personalized Pet Bowls will come in handy here. 

Talking about love, it is February now and we all know what February is famous for. Gift that special someone our Acrylic Keychain, or maybe Personalized Notecards. Perhaps our Spotify Personalized Acrylic Keychain or Under the Stars Acrylic Plaque Custom Star Map bring a twinkle to those eyes this Valentine's Day

We also have Personalized Initials Gold Printed Playing CardsCustomized Agate Coasters, among so many other goodies to choose from that make for a great festive gift or a great keepsake and addition to their home bars.  Personalized Round Cork Gift Box for sustainable eco friendly gift box ideas for wedding favours, bridesmaid gifts & more. 

Personalised Blue label Bottle sticker, whiskey glasses, gifts for whiskey lovers

Personalised & customised bridesmaid gift boxes

Seven billion people in this world and at TSS you can find the perfect gift for each one of them! How cool is that?

Go ahead, speak the love language.
Pick a personalized gift from our wide range now! 

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