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B.E.A.C.H = Best Escape Anyone Can Have


Summers have always been the time for ice creams, popsicles, holidays and let’s not forget beach picnics! This season, your beach picnic will wear sunglasses because we at The Style Salad believe in doing everything with a splash of vogue. 

The fun thing about summers and beaches is that they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can either have a fun-day picnic at the beach, splashing around in the sea, making sand castles and playing volleyball, or you could sit in one of the shacks with a few of your friends, chug down a few beers and enjoy the buzz. A trip to the beach can also be a ‘watching-sunset-and-collecting-seashells’ kind of trip or it can be a ‘bonfire, starts and guitar’ kind of trip too.

So many options, how to go about it?
Let us help you.

If your plans are to have a fun-day picnic at the beach, then Our Beach Please Gift Boxes include everything that you need to hit the seas in style.
Starting with the Beach Please Gift Box For Her (because ladies first, thank you very much), this box will feel like it has been curated by some sort of beach-going expert (that would be us). In it, you’ll find a very cute Miami Peach Beach Towel that is super soft, you’ll feel like snuggling with it! You’ll also find an Aloe Vera Vegan Body Wash for after your dip in the sea and a Pina Colada Fruity Cocktail Mix to sip as you enjoy the blissful sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the sun shimmering in the water. And at the end, if you are wondering ‘boy, that’s a lot of stuff, how do I take it to the beach?’, we figured you would ask that. So, in this gift box you’ll also find a very sassy-looking Feelin’ Beachy Tote Bag which is big enough for you to carry everything to the beach and still have some space to bring back some shells from the sea shore!

And if you are a guy, just remember that your beach needs are just as important. Which is why, in the Beach Please Gift Box For Him, you’ll find an Aloe Vera Vegan Body Wash, sinfully comfortable Boxers in super summery colours, a Caribbean Beach Towel and a Mojito Fruity Cocktail Mix.

Moving on to the ‘sit and chug’ plan, we do not provide beers but we definitely provide the dopest Arm Candies.
Arm Candies?
Are they candies that you eat off of your arms?
You would surely feel like doing that but don’t!
These are bright and quirky hand bracelets that’ll add a splash of colour to your entire beach look. Because who said you can’t drink in style, eh?
You are at The Style Salad, you can do everything in style!

It's 6 in the evening now, the sun is setting on the horizon. The cold breeze bristles your hair as it walks with you on the beach and the waves timidly crash near your feet. Some seashells wash up to the shore and you pick them up. A few of them are broken but they are still just as beautiful. The sky is a ravishing orange with a hint of yellow, indicating the sun’s departure. As the sea swallows the sun, you decide that you cannot go without taking a beautiful photo in this gorgeous background. And we have just the things for you so that you can look extra-pretty for those photographs. With the Jardin Earrings or the Jollies and a beautiful smile, your followers are bound to go crazy when you post this aesthetic photo online (Do tag us!).

And as the sun dips and the sky is glimmering, it's time to go home right?

Let us set the mood. The sun has set and the sky is now a star studded beauty. Your friends are sitting around a bonfire and enjoying themselves to the sweet tunes of that one friend who knows how to play the guitar (we all have the one friend). You are sitting with your friends too. In our Linen Bardot Maxi Dress, you are comfortable and you look pretty too!

Aaah pure bliss, aren’t we right?

Just remember, whatever your plans are, know that The Style Salad will always cater to your style-needs.

Until then, seas the day my friend! (beach pun intended).


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