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Take a Mental Vacation!

Sometimes in order to move forward, one needs to pause and take a moment for themselves.

This holds true especially in the time we are living in. We are all cooped up in our house. There is chaos everywhere. Reading news seems like being swallowed by a bog of sorrows. And work just doesn’t seem to stop.

When you feel overwhelmed with everything that’s going on, that’s a hint that your mind is giving you, to go on a ‘mental vacation’. To just take a break from everything. To just sit back and be worry-free and happy.

If you are looking to go on a mental vacation, then let us be your concierge!
Let the Escape Gift Box be your Narnia’s door to the land of tranquility.
A sweet-smelling Wellness Crystal Candle and a Tranquility Pocket Meditation Mist will create an atmosphere so serene, you will literally see your worries vanish just like that.

Add to this a rejuvenating treat for your skin; courtesy of our Jasmine Soap Bar and our Lavender Hydrating Moisturiser.
As Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would say, “Oh. My. God!” 

A relaxing room without a relaxing beverage is an incomplete relaxing room.
Your thoughts as well, right?
Stir up a cup of your favourite chai/coffee/hot chocolate (we couldn’t guess so we are leaving this to you) and have a sip of it from the most adorable cup you have ever seen. Our Let That Shit Go Mug will hold anything and everything that you love (because it loves you) so that you can have a cup of your peace, in peace.

Had a different tranquility land in mind?
Let us try again.

It’s  Saturday afternoon. You have taken a long and fulfilling bath with the best soap ever. You are now soaking your feet in an amazing foot-soak and reading your go-to book. On your right-hand side, you have a table on which is a plate of cookies that you are nonchalantly munching. Your room is dark except for a few candles, creating a soothing environment.

Did we get it this time around?
If you said yes, we said The Staycation Gift Box!
That’s right, the Staycation Gift Box is basically your lazy afternoon packed in a box, sitting in our warehouse, waiting to come to you!
In it, you’ll get a Seaweed Mineral Soap Bar or a Tea Tree & Hemp Soap Bar (long and fulfilling bath; check!), a Spearmint Foot Soak (amazing foot-soak; check!), a copy of either ‘Find Calm’, ‘Ikigai’ or ‘Ichigo Ichi’ (your go-to book; check!), a box of Vanilla / Parmesan Cookies (plate of nonchalant cookies; check!) and finally a Gratitude Candle (soothing environment which also reminds you how grateful you should be right now if you are healthy, safe and enjoying this little “trip”). Your perfect lazy afternoon is just one click away from you. 

Our final services to you as your concierge in this mental vacation would be to show you the option number 3 of this escape called the Soul Box: For Mind.
If you are an Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then this box will be what binders are to Amy! 

In this box, you’ll get Self-reflection Worksheets and To Do Notepads. You’ll also get a Deck of 30 affirmation cards and Self-love stickers. So, everyday that you don’t feel like getting out of your bed, just pick any one of the affirmation cards and read it. We are sure it’ll bring to you nothing but positivity.
And if you have some soul-searching to do then we have just the things for you. With the Guided Medication Card and Calm Candle, you’ll not only feel relaxed, but you’ll also feel a sense of optimism grow within you.

So, whatever you think lies behind that Narnia Door that goes into YOUR tranquility land, just know that The Style Salad has got you covered!

Signing off as your concierge on this mental vacation, we at The Style Salad truly hope that you are taking care of yourself and are giving yourself the rest and breaks that you deserve every now and then. Because a healthy body’s first requisite is a healthy mind.
We are just here to ensure your happiness.

Stay safe.
See you on the other side.

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