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Celebrating DAD !

Father's Day

It is truly said that we really do not count our blessings often enough. 

We don’t realize that there are so many people who are our silent well-wishers, who don’t get a celebration of their efforts but still always have your back. 

One such person is our fathers.
Our silent well-wishers and cheerleaders who don’t get the celebration that they so deserve.

This Father’s Day, let us help you change that.

We have Gift Boxes and an assortment of goodies put together by our expert team with great thought and care but more importantly, with lots of love!

Take our Best Dad Gift Box.
The Best Dad Ever Whiskey Glass/Tea Cup will take care of the bathing proportions of tea/coffee (whiskey?) that your father loves to have, one in the morning, one in the evening.
Replace his normal cup of tea/coffee with our Whiskey/Irish Flavoured Tea and watch him be pleasantly surprised! 
Moving on to the grooming section, we have Charcoal Shaving Foam with Moroccan Argan Oil, Set of 3 On the Go Soap Tablets (Lemon Chamomile, Vanilla Coconut & Activated Charcoal) and a pair of socks that will let him know that no matter how many years have passed, he is still your main man.
You’ll also find Dark Chocolate truffles (Set of 4 Truffles). These delicious truffles with low glycemic index will ensure he doesn't get an insulin spike. A healthy way to hit his sweet tooth cravings!

Pops is tops because you are the best! 

Fathers day greeting cards

No no, we meant our Pops Is Tops Gift Boxes are the best!
This box could very well be called the ‘Gentleman’s box’ because it is basically a go-to package for a man who loves to groom himself. It has an Exfoliating Charcoal Soap, Dense Travel Perfume, a Necktie, Blockbuster Blue Socks and a cute ‘Pops Is Tops’ card.

And if you think that these boxes aren't enough, we have an assortment of goodies that you can throw in with these boxes.

Our Making Bank Wallet paired with our Soldier On Mask will add the perfect final touch to the gift boxes. The Making Bank Wallet is handcrafted in fluid leather and is super sleek. And while it is important to be safe, who said that we can’t do it in style? Our mask is absolutely reusable, made with breathable fabric, has a Triple Filtration Protective System and comes in a military green shade. Solid colours are in and we want papa to look hip right?

And if your dad likes a drink to chill or just loves experimenting with new things, we have Classic Beer Mugs, a ton of quirky Bottle Openers, a very cool Obsidian Black Cocktail Tool Set, Bar Towels, a Bar Tool Kit and some gorgeous Whiskey Stones.
So, it's time now. Make that cocktail for your father because let’s face it, both you and your dad know that you are a pro with the drinks by now! Dad knows everything! ;)

And a few more things for all the handsome dads out there, we have the Aquaman After Shave Balm, the Cedarwood Beard Oil, the U-shaped Beard Comb, a Rosewood Shaving Brush, a Precision Safety Razor System, a….

Are you going to let us keep listing all the incredible things we have or will you go out there and do a little search of your own?

Dive into our online store and find out what your dad likes the most because whatever you need, we’ll have it, that’s for sure!

So, this Fathers’ Day, let your dad know that Fathers’ Day is just an excuse to try and celebrate him in one single day, because the truth is, that’s impossible!

The Style Salad wishes all the fathers and the single mothers out there a Happy Fathers’ Day! 

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