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Guidelines to beautiful gifting by The Style Salad

Guidelines to Beautiful Gifting

With the festive season around the corner, we know you are scurrying around looking for the perfect outfit and sprucing up your home, but let’s not forget the important ones in our lives, be it our family, friends or clients, we need to show them some love! And what better way, than tossing up some goodness from The Style Salad!

You do the tossin’ We do the boxin’ They do the unboxin’

  1.  Personalized handwritten notes :  That handwritten note will convey all the warmth whether it’s short with just a few words or long and expressive, there is no doubt that this little gesture is sure to make somebody's day!
  2. Give It Like you Mean It :  Take a moment and reflect on the person, what they really want and need. Think about what people want but don’t end up buying for themselves. Never give for the sake of giving, remember it’s the thought that counts ! Some quick thoughts that come to mind ? Beautiful stationery, handmade toxin free soaps, some gourmet tea or coffee, mugs to liven up your workspace or dining table at home !
  3.  It’s all about the Appearance : Nothing screams care and love quite like it’s appearance along with thoughtful curations. You know much effort has gone into something when it looks beautiful. We are not saying spend too much money or time, we believe less is more. So keep it neat, simple and chic! Get creative with pretty bows, handmade tags and maybe some quirky wrapping paper! Not only will the recipient be thrilled to receive the gift but you will be equally excited when you see how beautiful your gift looks amongst the rest, and will get you thinking “Yup that was all me!” 

Stressing that you don’t have the time? Fret not, just log onto to, pick from our pre-packed boxes or simply toss up your own, and the rest is history!

Of course, we’ve got you covered for Friendships Day and Raksha Bandhan with our 'HUSTLE' and ‘HEY DUDE’ boxes :)

Happy gifting !!


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